3/10/2016 1:17a

The ball will deviate less than usual on a dry, warm, sunny day, which will favor batsmen, whereas a damp, overcast and humid day will assist in the movement of the ball, hindering the batting sides’ chances of achieving a good score. Spread betting on cricket is very affective for cricket betting tips free market. This market is very useful but undervalued and underused. These markets are settled by the bookmakers by setting a line or odds of the event and providing them to punters so the punters choose from them to bet on.
For example, if the line set by the bookmaker is under 250 runs and over 270 runs for the first innings, you could bet £2 per run over this amount. If the score is 300 runs then you would win £60, as you are 30 runs over the 270 mark, and you have bet £2 a run. However, if the score comes in at 220 runs, you lose £60. The large amount of variables available during a cricket game ensures that there are almost endless possibilities with spread betting.